About Me

Videographer / Photographer / Editor

My Name is Michael Gately AKA: MickGProduction. I am 26 year-old videographer from Ireland with a passion for art, creative, and cultural events. I started in video production as a reminder to myself durning dark times how beautiful the world can be. It began as just a side hobby where I could express how I was feeling or what I personally wanted to see. The more I learnt about the opportunities avaliable to capture different events and projects, the more the hobby turned into a career path.

I am currently working as a Full Time Editor with Dexerto Media. And hold a First Honour Degree in Television from Napier University. My goal is to travel the world documenting cultures, esports, talents, and show the true beauty of the world through a lens. In all of my work, I try to capture raw and important moments from the victories to the falls for various brands. For me, it is not about who you shoot for or how big the shoot is. It is about creating a piece that can be looked back on by many as a remembrance to the event that took place.

Over the last year in esports, I have been able to complete many creative projects, from welcoming players to organisations with history to shooting a documentary in a completely different language. Not only have I focused on my skillset but I have successfully built a community. I stream, interact with the people from around the world and launched my own clothing brand which held great success and supports Mental Health.

My aims include inspiring people to use their creative ability for the better, and promoting that the world is not all bad. I also aspire to ensure that special moments in one life are documented to the best standard possible that with time people can share with their children and families.


I live by one motto and I stand by it in all work I do - "Make Moments Unforgettable"



  • Certificate of Participation and Acquired Skills - Breaking Rays Project 2018

  • Nominated for UK Esports Videographer Of The Year 2018/2019

  • HND in Television and Broadcasting

  • Nominated for UK Esports Videographer Of The Year 2019/2020

  • Bachelor of Arts in Televesion and Broadcasting

  • Nominated for Creative Edinburgh Awards 2020/2021


  Past Clients:


                                   Dexerto Media - Present

Dexerto is an award-winning esports and gaming media group, production house and solutions provider, with media properties including the leading esports and gaming lifestyle. I currently work for Dexerto as a video editor.

                                   LukeDutchh - 2021

LukeDutchh is currently one of the biggest and fastest growing uk content creators. He started his career on tiktok and moved to twitch a few months back. Originally Luke asked me to edit his tiktoks which gained thousands of views and followers. I helped luke media market himself better and gave him advice which helped him grow more.



                                   MikeRevolt - 2021

MikeRevolt is currently considered one of the best warzone players in Europe. He recently contacted me to take over his tiktok and help out overlooking the media aspect of his streams and social medias. Right now the biggest thing we are working on is consistant uploads and streams and marketing his twitch and twitter.

                                    KyzenKru - 2021

Kyzen is a content based lifestyle brand with the mission to inspire people to be their best self. We want to create a community of people that challenge the existing, pursue their passion and live life to the fullest.


                             Beyond The Mind - 2021

I created Beyond The Mind as a method of living, that if you push the boundaries of what you believe and think you can accomplish anything and everything you wish to do so. It is about setting yourself different from the crowd and using what brought you down to bring you forward. To think outside the box and find the positives when things look negative. Beyond The Mind was created by me in partnership with DLClothing. As BTM was made for mental health awarness I have decided that my profits would be shared 50/50 with Charities working in Mental Health matters such as MindUK and Samaritans.

                                  Team WaR - 2020/21

Team WaR are a Professional Esports & Gaming Entertainment Organisation based in North America. Team WaR have built their brand having unique and creative videos, as well as, creating statements in Call Of Duty having the top amatuer team which won the European Championship. I work with Team WaR currently as a media consultant, videographer, and editor.


                              Obtained Gaming - 2020/21

Obtained Gaming is International multi-gaming esports organization. Featuring some of the best upcoming players in titles such as fortnite and Call of Duty as well as expanding heavy into content creation picking up multiple streamers in various games.


                                     Renegades - 2020

Renegades is North America's premier multi-gaming esports organization. Featuring professional players and teams in the world's largest competitive games. Recent breakout performances in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant and Call of Duty have helped launch Renegades into becoming one of the most prominent and recognized sports franchise around the world.

                               The Atlas Lions - 2019/20/21

The Atlas Lions are a Scottish organisation looking to make a statement. They are participating in Call of Duty, becoming well known and well respected in the amatuer European esport scene and won the EU AM Champs 2021. The Atlas Lions came to me to take over their branding and media with content and change the organisations approach to events and announcements.

                                Nemesis Gaming - 2019/20

Nemesis is an international esports organisation revolving around live streaming entertainment that sends teams to compete in a variety of competitive games. Mainly known for teams in Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Gears of War.  I worked with Nemesis on a video production for CWL London and currently edit for them as and when needed.                         

                                  PNDA Gaming - 2017

Pnda gaming was a professional North American based esport organisation that has had professional teams in games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, World of Warcraft, Brawhalla, Call of Duty. I worked with PNDA as a video editor.